Yoga Exploration Series (YES)

Yoga Exploration Series (YES)

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Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Inversions – Forearm Stand / Balance
27 January 2018 (Sunday), 2-5 pm (3 hours)

Led by Ron Habla

What to expect:

Students can expect an informative and interactive exploration of forearm balances. We will arm ourselves with knowledge and techniques to turn our fear of going upside down into one fun and playful ongoing inquiry. Students will work earnestly in this workshop and will hopefully come out with better awareness of their bodies and better appreciation of going upside down.

You will learn:

(1) the blueprint — the body shape of a well-aligned forearm balance;

(2) techniques for entry, balance and exit;

(3) drills to mobilize and/or strengthen areas of the body for a solid forearm balance.

To sign-up, email us at or call us at 0917 172 9642.
Our Pasig studio is located at 3F Brixton Building, Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. See map.

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