Yoga Exploration Series (YES) - We've Got Lift-Off!

Yoga Exploration Series (YES) - We've Got Lift-Off!

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Yoga Exploration Series (YES): Inversions – We’ve Got Lift-Off!
July 7, 2-5pm

Led by Ron Habla

This Workshop is Recommended for:

Intermediate/Advanced practitioners with a consistent Vinyasa-based practice who want (1) to enrich their understanding of Chaturanga Dandasana and (2) to apply their skill and strength of it in Arm Balancing Poses.

What to expect:

A thorough exploration of Chaturanga Dandasana (Push-Up) and how the efforts in that pose help build skill and strength towards beginning Arm Balances, like Bakasana, to more advanced ones, like Lolasana.

You will learn:

  • Brief Review of the Core (inspired by BYC’s Core Values)

  • Anatomy of the Shoulder Girdle and Biomechanics of the Push Movement

  • Physical exploration of (1) muscles that need to release and (2) muscles that need to activate to safely and progressively weight-transfer and balance on our hands, elbows, and shoulders

  • Drills, exercises and movements that teach, train and challenge the transition from straight to bent arms and then back again to straight arms

  • Techniques in practice to get into Arm Balancing Poses


    9F The Menarco Tower 32nd cor 9th Avenues BGC. See map.

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