Kundalini Yoga Flexipass

Kundalini Yoga Flexipass

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is currently one of the fastest growing schools of Yoga worldwide. Once considered a forbidden practice outside India, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation was introduced to the West in the late 60’s by Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh), Master of Kundalini.

Yogi Bhajan taught more than 8,000 classes in over three decades, and has trained hundreds of teachers who continue sharing the technology in many countries today. KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) is sanctioned to oversee all trainings globally.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is fairly new in the Philippines; however, the practice is attracting more and more yogis and non-yogis, as it offers mental & spiritual benefits, aside from a physical workout. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation offers practical tools & techniques for modern/busy householders, working individuals, teens and children. A regular practice helps strengthen the nervous system and glandular system, achieve mental clarity & stability, and manage the mental/emotional challenges of daily urban living.


Drop-In Pass
Price per class: Php 800
Total price: Php 800
Valid: 1 Day

5-Class Flexipass
Price per class: Php 600
Total price: Php 3000
Valid: 1 Month

10-Class Flexipass
Price per class: Php 475
Total price: Php 4750
Valid: 2 Months

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